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NEWS June 2023: Alanna Moore Films Documentary on ElettroColtura Digital

FILM and Documentari by Alanna Moore
Alanna Moore’s Films Documentary : Geomancy, Vibrational Agriculture, Sacred Place, Dowser

Alanna Moore’s Films Documentary : Geomancy, Vibrational Agriculture, Sacred Place, Dowser

  • Geomancy Today (5 Episodes)  35 €
  •  Earth Care Earth Repair (8 Episodes)  48 €
  • Statee of Pilgrimage (6 Episodes)  40 €
  • Dowser Down Under (100 min Interview Top Rabdo & Dowsers)  25 €
    FULL COMPILATION Special Price : 120 € (discounted Vs 148 €)

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Certification of Persons

An exploration of geomancy in Australasia and beyond, through the eyes of dowsers and clairvoyant researchers, who provide fascinating insights, as well as demonstrating their methods of correcting stressful energies and fostering environmental harmony.

Part One: Megalithomania
Part Two: Divining Earth Harmony
Part Three: Discovering the Devas
Part Four: Helping the Devas
Part Five: The Sacred World of Water

Praise for the Geomancy Today series:
“I think this is the third Film Series by Alanna Moore that I have reviewed, and each one is better than the one before, and the creative qualities of Alanna and
her film crew are coming through. The photography, camera work, the editing, and the music that occasionally stirs the spine, are all very good. The gentle
voice-over is appealing and appropriate, almost meditative, moving at a pace that allows the words to sink in and be comfortably understood and assimilated.
The Geomancy Today series is an excellent presentation of the basics of what is being discussed. The quality of information and balance of sources is excellent
and interesting. These are not magazine edits but well thought out presentations, crammed full of information… To sum up then, I find that Alanna Moore’s films are unique, individual and idiosyncratic. They are almost the documentary equivalent of the Japanese poetry form of haiku; short and focussed, with every component being Very Important. You have to concentrate, almost meditate, as you watch. I can only repeat that if you like visual imagery and verbal guides, then these films are an enjoyable way to take a break from Certification of Persons the written word. If you seek stimulation, inspiration, or even a starting point for your personal spiritual quest, then you may well find that nugget in one of Alanna Moore’s films.” – Jilli Roberts, Pagan Times, Spring 2006 .

“The film series focuses on geomancy (Earth energies) from the perspective of clairvoyants and energy dowsers. This DVD will be of interest to those who like
to investigate the spiritual planes of the New-Agers, and it will be enjoyed by pagans who want to experience a visual journey through the history and
development of the gods and goddesses. You’ll also enjoy the views of various sacred sites from around the world.” – Domhnall, Silver Wheel, Pagan Alliance,
South Australia.

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