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Electro-culture for sustainable cultivation

Respecting the rhythms of nature

My name is Andrea Donnoli and I am passionate about Permaculture, which is why I started creating my Food Forest populated by Ancient Fruits. I develop my cultivation techniques on the Bolognese Apennines, at an altitude of about 935 meters above sea level.

The continuous search for alternative cultivation techniques led me to create a 300 square meter Mini Food Forest in the urban area of ​​Bologna. My professional training pushes me to the continuous search for change and innovation, which is why I created my first area of ​​Electroculture.

My projects are constantly evolving. To do this, I observe, study and experiment without ever neglecting the rhythms of nature, managing to dialogue directly with the main players in the ecosystem.

My main goal is to produce healthy and natural food using fewer inputs to increase the productivity of my crops, without overshadowing my love for the environment and eco-sustainability.

You can find out more about Electro-culture in my e-ebooks.

I am always looking for innovative projects in which to give my best. Contact me if you want to share your Green project.


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